Dr Tina van de Flierdt

Senior Lecturer

Address: Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ
Email: tina.vandeflierdt[at]imperial.ac.uk
Homepage: http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/people/tina.vandeflierdt

Research Interests

My research focus is the development and application of new geochemical and isotopic tracers in marine geochemistry, paleoceanography and paleoclimate, with particular focus on radiogenic isotope systems (Ar, Sr, Nd, Hf, Pb). Although these tracers have been widely used in solid-earth geochemistry, they represent a relatively new but promising suite of tracers in the low-temperature environment. I utilize them to decipher past changes in ocean circulation patterns, continental weathering, and ice sheet evolution on million-year to millennial time scales. What however sometimes hampers our ability to decipher the paleo record is the lack of knowledge on modern marine biogeochemical cycles of particular trace elements and isotopes.

Over the past six years I hence became majorly involved in the international GEOTRACES program, including serving on the US GEOTRACES steering committee (2006-2010), co-organising the international intercalibration for Nd isotopes and rare earth elements with Katharina Pahnke (ICBM) (2007-2011), and participating in the first international intercalibration cruise (2008). Guidelines for sampling and analytical methods are available on the international GEOTRACES webpage and a series of publications on the results are in press/published in a special issue in Limonology and Oceanography Methods.