UK-GEOTRACES participants are enthusiastic about their science, and eager to share it with the wider community.  We are keen to interact with members of the public of all ages, and to have the opportunity to explain what it is that we do, and why we think our work is important.  On these pages you will find blogs from our research cruises to the South Atlantic and the Tropical Atlantic, and the UK-GEOTRACES news archive

Read a Nature News article announcing the launch of the GEOTRACES project in February 2010 here

Watch a 4 minute film about the UK-GEOTRACES project here

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We also hope to improve understanding of the Earth system, which is important if we are to best manage our natural resources in the future.  For example, an increased understanding of the diverse processes controlling the chemical environment in which marine ecosystems function is important, because changes to oceanic productivity are coupled to global climate change and to the stability of current marine ecosystems.  We rely on these ecosystems for food production, international development, tourism and wide ranging biodiversity, pollution monitoring and environmental management issues.

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