Meetings and Conferences

This page will keep you up to date with UK-GEOTRACES relevant meetings and conferences.  Details of consortium meetings for UK-GEOTRACES participants will be posted here, along with details of any national and international oceanography and geoscience meetings relevant to UK-GEOTRACES.

24th-29th June 2012
   Open science meeting; for more details click here
   Goldschmidt 2012: Earth in Evolution
   Montreal, Canada

3rd-6th September 2012
   Open science meeting; for more detail click here  
   Challenger Conference 2012: Ocean Challenges in the 21st Century
   University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

10th-11th September 2012
    GEOTRACES participants meeting
    GA10 (JC068) data meeting
    Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford, UK

13th-14th September 2012
    GEOTRACES participants workshop; to download the flyer click here
    (Please register your interest/participation by email with Mark
    Rehkamper by 15th June 2012)
    Stable isotopes of biologically important trace metals
    Imperial College, London, UK

The consortium will finish with an open-science meeting, to be held in Oxford in spring 2014, aiming to fertilise and inform interdisciplinary research, policy formulation and debate.