International GEOTRACES

UK GEOTRACES is part of the International GEOTRACES project. 
International GEOTRACES
involves collaboration and cooperation between scientists from approximately 30 different countries.

View of a calm sea from the stern 

The project seeks to understand the oceanic cycles of key trace elements and isotopes. These key elements include those that:

•  act as micronutrients (e.g. Fe, Zn, Co)
•  trace processes in the modern ocean (e.g. Al, Ra, Th)
•  have cycles perturbed by humans  (e.g. Pb, Hg, Sn)
•  are used in sediments as proxies for past change (e.g. Nd, Cd, Pa)

The cycling of such elements will be understood:

•  at the four ocean interfaces (with atmosphere, continents, sediments, and ocean crust)
•  during internal processes such as ocean circulation, biological uptake, scavenging, and dissolution


Further information about the science objectives of the International GEOTRACES project can be found here , or download the international GEOTRACES science plan here


International GEOTRACES
Including details of work in other nations; intercalibration results; and contacts for the International Project Office

GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre
UK-GEOTRACES and other trace element data is managed by the GEOTRACES Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)

COST Action ES0801
COST Action ES801 co-ordinates GEOTRACES Activities across Europe and provides funding for networking and meetings

Information about GEOTRACES research in other nations can be found at the international GEOTRACES page, or at the links below