This website represents the efforts of the UK GEOTRACES consortium, as part of the international marine chemistry programme, GEOTRACES.

UK-GEOTRACES scientific efforts are based around seagoing research expeditions onboard state of the art research vessels, allowing collection of a wide range of geochemical samples and data. 

Cloudy sea view

UK-GEOTRACES is focused initially on two sections, which form important components of the international programme in the Atlantic Ocean.  These will assess: micronutrient cycling in a highly productive region (South Atlantic); the calibration of critical paleoproxies (South Atlantic); and the influence of metal input on biological processes including nitrogen cycling (Tropical Atlantic).  
In addition, UK-GEOTRACES is contributing to a Polish-lead research effort in the Baltic Sea, and is planning a research project in the Greenland Sea.

Whale fluke

Please see the links below for more information about the individual research projects in these key oceanographic settings:

South Atlantic
Tropical Atlantic

UK-GEOTRACES is funded by four grants from the UK funding agency, NERC